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Sense NonsenseSense Nonsense by Francisco J. Garcia Julve. "This book may be the fruit of decades of research, but it is written with the economy of graffiti and starkness of spray paint. Prof. Garcia Julve may have the mind of a scholar, but he has the attitude of a punk." —Mike Aquilina.

For many people, “to think” is to move from unexamined assumptions to inevitable conclusions without ever asking why—without ever knowing how to ask.

Francisco Garcia-Julve asks the hard questions and proposes exhilarating approaches to new answers. Like Blaise Pascal, he packs his ideas into paradoxical aphorisms that provoke a reconsideration—and re-valuation—of even the most ordinary things.

It's a book for a culture whose standard ideas have proven dismally wrong in practice. It's a book whose time is now.

St. PhilomenaSt. Philomena: The Story of a Stubborn Little Princess, by Courtney C. Filomena Lee. A princess conceived after the prayerful conversion of her parents, Philomena was always special.

She vowed herself to Jesus at a young age and was soon put through the ultimate test: the test of her love for her Spouse.

This is the incredible true story of a girl who knew that Jesus is worth everything and that her purity was worth dying for.

The author was thirteen years old when she produced this remarkable book—the same age, in fact, at which St. Philomena herself was martyred. Her devotion to her patron saint comes through on every page of this charming and moving story.

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